• Please send at least 75 photos for  real weddings. This helps us curate, tailor, and create a  unique story of your feature.

 • A great submission consists of varied photos: 40% details, 40% people  (candids and portraits), and 20% environment. All publications are  different in their preferences, but here at Tidewater and Tulle, we  prefer a balance for an aesthetically-pleasing feature.

 • All images should be sized no smaller than 1200px. High-resolution  photos are not needed, but your photos should be unwatermarked,  uncollaged, and without additional graphics/borders.

Special Note from the Tidewater and Tulle Crew

Recently, we launched our Patreon to help sustain Tidewater and Tulle. The costs of website hosting, submission form subscriptions, and editor pay to review/write/publish real wedding features are why many wedding publications don't last very long in the online world. Did you know it actually makes us go in the red to offer user-submitted content submissions? We have tried our best to offset this, but with the change in advertising trends and social media algorithms, it's getting harder for online blogs and websites to stay innovative... which means more hours are spent finding revenue sources versus creating valuable local content aka being able to publish more of your beautiful work. Womp womp, right? 
Our passion has always been being an online voice for the Hampton Roads region of Virginia simply because there wasn't one before. That passion hasn't wavered, and it's an honor that we are Virginia's #1 wedding blog because of it. We have had quite the journey so far and can't wait for what's ahead. 
Whether you donate or not, this has no effect on how we objectively review submissions or accept for publication. It's workflow like always. Just know that anything given on Patreon would help towards continuing to give a long-term platform to show off gorgeous local weddings and engagements. And for that, we thank you for being part of our community and supporting local.