Welcome to our digital magazine submission form! As these guidelines are different from our regular website guidelines, please read all instructions carefully before submitting.

• Please send at least 75 photos for  real weddings and styled shoots. This helps us curate, tailor, and create a  unique story of your feature. Please do not send an entire photo gallery unless requested.

 • A great submission consists of varied photos: 40% details, 40% people  (candids and portraits), and 20% environment. All publications are  different in their preferences, but here at Tidewater and Tulle, we  prefer a balance for an aesthetically-pleasing feature.

 • All images should be high resolution that are unwatermarked,  uncollaged, and without additional graphics/borders. Because of the magazine's print-on-demand option, photos must be the same file size you have sent your couples for printing purposes or the original file size.